Jan. 22nd, 2008

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Don't let anyone tell you losing weight is easy. It isn't... Anyway. I'll start again tomorrow.

Finished (I hope) and sent off a couple of small written pieces for my sister-in-law the florist to use on her site, in self-promotion, whatever. Need to think about what I'm going to do for one of my freelance clients, but I'm fresh out of ideas for that one.

I'm chilly. Maybe a sweater and another mug of tea are in order.

Question for anyone who's still reading, particularly women: how far out of your way would you go for a good haircut/hairstyle? And how do you find out about salons, day spas, nail salons, etc.? This past weekend I was talking to the woman cutting my hair about my sis-in-law the florist and how I was planning to help write stuff for her business, and she asked if I could do the same for her salon. So I'm starting to conjure up a few ideas.

Meanwhile... I lost a battle with a bottle of hot sauce Friday morning, just as I was trying to get out the door to go to work. I had reached into a cabinet for some pasta; the pasta bumped the can of salmon, the salmon bumped the hot sauce, the hot sauce tumbled out and onto the granite countertop where it shattered and exploded all over my knit top and black cords (my favorite pair). I had the presence of mind to phone my boss & leave a message saying I'd be along just as soon as I got the hot sauce and glass splinters all cleaned up. I was laughing. In retrospect, VERY grateful that neither hot sauce nor glass flew up into my face.

Another question: do you use Yelp's reviews before going out to a restaurant or trying a new place/service/shop you haven't been to before? Who else's reviews do you like?

Now to move laundry around, attempt to address some of my endless to-do list (which has become a to-do-manana list). Hee. Then I just reread my opening paragraph. May I always have enough tomorrows, but not so many that I don't know how to amuse myself.


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