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Making crackers from scratch: not my most successful endeavor. I'm following a recipe ("Ugly Crackers") clipped from Yankee magazine at least 10 years ago. Blue cheese, sesame seeds, flour, milk, stuff like that. They suggest rolling out the dough with a hand-cranked pasta machine, which I don't have, so instead I rolled out sheet after sheet by hand on the kitchen table, as thin as I could. Oh, I also substituted some whole wheat flour for part of the white.

But I guess I'm not getting them thin enough, because when I follow the directions (350F for 8-10') what I get is more like "fold-ers" or "bend-ers", not crackers. They don't seem to be drying out to crispness after several hours on a cooling rack, either. So now it's messing-around-with-crackers time. [ profile] snarkyman threw some back into the toaster, and they were quite nice heated up like that, but still not crisp. So he threw them back in, turned the dial to maximum time, and went back to watching Top Gear. Result: clouds of smoke pouring from the toaster and what he's now calling fire-roasted crackers. "Blackened" is more like it. I unplugged the toaster and left it on the back porch so as not to set off our extremely jarring smoke alarms.

I've got a sheet of them in a cool oven (250F) for half an hour. We'll see what they turn into. But I also put a little pot of water on to boil after something [ profile] snarkyman said... that my sheets of cracker dough, sliced into squares with a pizza roller, looked like pasta. Cupful of failed crackers, one pot of boiling water, and five minutes later = not utterly inedible pasta-like substance. Pretty good with red sauce. It kind of makes me want to mess around with pasta recipes now.
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