Mar. 17th, 2008

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Vacuum cat hair off rugs. Feed cat. Pick up bath mats from bathroom and drop in laundry pile. Spot-clean bathroom: sink, toilet, fresh hand towels. Relocate magazines in living room to a tidier pile. Clean glass-top coffee table. Carry handbag, tote bag, and piles of mail & books "backstage" (computer room). Start roasting chicken breasts for later use in salad. Prep vegetables for crudite platter. Amuse self by using paring knife to carve decorative patterns into radishes, Easter egg-style. Run upstairs to find tablecloth. Decide that tablecloth doesn't need ironing. Relocate [ profile] snarkyman's stuff to a side table. Wipe down and set table. Get on stepstool to find wine glasses. Run dishwasher. Sweep floor. Toss cat toys into cat's basket. Realize that clay kitty litter leaves a greenish dust on every surface in the half bath. Mop floor and wipe down sink & toilet in half bath. Prep pineapple for dessert. Phone parents to ask them to bring wine. Bring out coffee mugs. Remove chicken from oven. Remove chicken breasts from bone & skin. Refrigerate. Offer a taste of chicken to cat. Toss refused taste of chicken into wastebasket. Wash hands. Search spice cabinet for something to concoct veggie dip from. Mix Green Goddess salad dressing base from spice cabinet with sour cream. Pour into blue ceramic dish. Stack dish precariously on other foodstuffs in crammed fridge. Get on stepstool again to retrieve salad serving bowl. Find stoneware bread basket next to 2 liter bottle of sparkling water. Open fridge to shove sparkling water inside to cool, knock dish of dip to the floor. Curse. Shoo cat away from splattered dip & broken dish. Clean up, rinse dish pieces, place carefully in a side drawer. Wipe down & refill salt & pepper shakers (two sets). Refill pepper grinder. Take return call from parents asking if I have liqueur to pour on a little cake they're bringing. Allow them to talk me out of also making slow-baked salmon, as they are bringing quiche. Accept their offer to bring guacamole, as I am now without veggie dip. Notice as I'm speaking to them that I've somehow cut my thumb. Conclude call, re-examine pepper grinder, discover metallic finish peeling off in a particularly thumb-slicing manner. Wash hands, run upstairs for a plastic bandage. Bandage thumb. Find Crazy Glue (to mend grinder, not self). Attempt to squeeze a droplet of Crazy Glue from tube - no action. Carefully and promptly put Crazy Glue tube away, imagining insane scenarios involving cat and glue. Prep custard for dessert. Pour custard over pineapple, bake. Remove chicken from fridge, cut up, hand-shred. Finish prepping chicken salad (navel oranges, red onion, hazelnuts, dried cherries, chopped fresh anise, sherry vinaigrette - served on baby spinach.). Forget to add salt & pepper. Refrigerate. Wash hands. Play with cat. Wash hands. Empty dishwasher. Remove pineapple flan from oven. Notice cat is in an "it wasn't me" pose. Notice cat's water dish has somehow sloshed all over cat's mat. Talk sweetly to cat, clean up water, replace mat. Take away empty cat food dish to wash. Explain to cat that my taking the empty dish away does not mean it's feeding time again. Regret disappointing the cat. Shower, get dressed. Chop leeks, onions; peel & dice potatoes; start making soup. Top off not-quite-enough chicken broth with water. Forget to add salt & pepper. Answer doorbell.


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